Hi there, I’m Dr. Babak Saedi.

Professor. Babak Saedi works as an Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic surgeon, he also serves as a Professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, he was named to Board of Certificate of Otolaryngology and he has been working in Field of Rhinology and Facial Plastic surgery for so many years.He has facial plastic surgery fellowship and he is the member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery.He is the youngest full professor of department of otolaryngology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic surgeon

Moreover, Dr. Saedi works as a researcher and writer in Imam Khomeini Hospital and teaching surgical techniques to medical students, residents and Fellowships. He has so many publications in field of Rhinology and Facial plastic surgery. (Click here for more information about Dr.Saedi)

Consultation For Your Otolaryngologic and Facial Plastic Surgery Problems

You can consult with him for your Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery problems.Furthermore, if you need any surgical or nonsurgical treatments especially infield of rhinology and rhinoplasty, you will find out this consultation helpful.Also, you can use this site to get preliminary information about some routine procedures and condition of receiving service from Dr.Saedi. (Click here for more information about procedures)

Postoperative Cares

Additionally, if you did any surgery, you can find useful information in section of postoperative cares for better results. But you should pay attention to this important point nothing can be superseded for consultation for your doctor. Therefore, if you have any problem or question, please do not hesitate to ask Dr.Saedi. (Click here for more information about postoperative cares)
Finally, you can find the results of some surgeries in section of photo gallery. They are only some examples of surgeries and you definitely canget more information by coming to my office.
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