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Otoplasty involves the reshaping, repositioning, and restructuring of the ears. This procedure helps both children and adults who have cup shaped ears that excessively protrude from the side of the head, as well as other ear abnormalities.

When Should Otoplasty be Performed?

Otoplasty can make a dramatic difference in the lives of both adults and children. Children benefit immensely from otoplasty when parents elect to have the procedure performed just before they reach school age. Otoplasty can be performed at our office when a child is as young as five or six-years-of-age. At that time, a child’s ears have developed to approximately their full size.

Ear Abnormalities

While development of the ears may stop in the womb, not all ear deformities are evident at birth. Ear abnormalities may develop as we age, or can be caused by trauma to the ears, ear piercing, or other external injuries. There are also a variety of other ear problems that can be helped with otoplasty, including overly large ears, overly cupped ears, and protruding ears. Whatever your cosmetic issue with your ears, we can help.

The Procedure

Otoplasty surgery begins with an incision in the natural fold just behind the ear. The necessary amounts of cartilage and skin are then removed to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, it is not necessary to remove cartilage at all and stitches alone hold the cartilage in place permanently. The otoplasty options for you or your child will be thoroughly discussed during a consultation at my office . Your surgeon will help you make an informed decision about you or your child's treatment.