Dr. Babak Saedi

Dr. Babak Saedi works as an Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic surgeon, he also serves as a Professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, he was named to Board of Certificate of Otolaryngology and he has been working in Field of Rhinology and Facial Plastic surgery for so many years.He got facial plastic surgery fellowship from Stanford University and he is the member of European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. He is the youngest full professor of department of otolaryngology of Tehran university. Also, He has published 82 articles in prestigious journals.

Medical Services


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is the most common facial plastic surgery procedure in America.


Rhinoplasty, or nasal contouring, is one of the most common of all facial plastic surgery procedures.


Septoplasty is a corrective surgical procedure done to straighten the nasal septum, the partition between the two nasal cavities.


Otoplasty involves the reshaping, repositioning, and restructuring of the ears.

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Botox injection

Botox Cosmetic is the FDA approved treatment everyone's talking about, used for dramatic reduction of the toughest wrinkles.


Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) is the mainstay in the surgical treatment of sinusitis and nasal polyps, including bacterial, fungal, recurrent acute, and chronic sinus problems.

Other Procedures

The most other Otolaryngology procedures like Adenotosilectomy , Head and neck surgeries and otologic surgeries can be performed by consulting with us.

Dr. Babak Saedi works as an Otolaryngologist and Facial Plastic surgeon. Be in touch!!!