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Lip Augmentation Postoperative Cares

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Post-operative Instructions Dermal Fillers Post-op care:  You leave the clinic after the procedure.  The treated area is red and sensitive after the procedure. Only gentle physical contact is recommended and even the cooling with ice compresses must be done carefully. Swelling is to be expected for several days.  Pressure upon the area must be avoided for at least two to three days (no massage, resting on the area at night, etc.) in order to avoid repositioning of the material. 

Until the swelling disappears, the client should avoid extreme cold and hot temperatures. Undesirable Habits:  Smoking and addictive substances generally speed up ageing and slow down the healing process; they should be avoided (at least one to two months). Possible Complications:  Post-operative bleeding, or bleeding caused by insufficient post-operative care at home.  Swelling  Prolonged healing  Haematomas  An imperfect effect resulting from nonobservance of the post-operative instructions given by the doctor .

These instructions are based on a normal post-operative condition. Healing and recovering are highly individual processes and apart from the patients’ capacity to heal these also depend on their conscientiousness and respecting the post-operative instructions. We would love to see how the healing process went and if you are satisfied with the results. Could you please send us some pictures after 2-3 months after the surgery so we can evaluate the results of the treatment. Cosmetic Surgery Post-operative Care: For full post-operative care, including wound dressings, removal of sutures, wound fluid aspiration and general advice following the surgery, our patients can receive preferential rates at:

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